Men need support too. If you’ve recently found out your partner is pregnant, you may be feeling a variety of emotions ranging from fear, uncertainty, confusion, anger, or excitement.

Regardless of how you’re feeling about the pregnancy, we can help you process and know the best ways to express how you’re feeling. Many men are told they shouldn’t be part of the decision-making process, but your opinions are important.

Support for Men

You are not alone as you navigate this time with your partner. When you come in with your partner for her pregnancy test, we have men on staff who can talk with you about the options available to you and your partner moving forward.

We also provide information on how you can support your partner. She’s likely feeling many of the same emotions as you and needs to know she has your support. Many women facing unplanned pregnancies feel alone or face pressure from their partner, and you have the opportunity to offer a lot of support for her as you both decide on next steps.

Most men think that supporting their partner means letting her make all the decisions, but actually, the best way to support your partner is to offer your opinions and let her know your desires, as well as the specific ways you’ll support her.

Our Classes

Before you can feel equipped to parent well with your partner, find support with our caring team to give you the tools you need. We offer individualized coaching and classes for both of you as you begin this new phase of your journey together.

You’ll both face different challenges, but we can provide encouragement and training to help you overcome them and thrive in this season.

Dad Coaching

Not everyone knows how to be a good dad, but we can help you feel best equipped to be. There are men who are ready to coach you: in relationships, parenting, life skills and more!

Contact us today as you and your partner face an unintended pregnancy, please contact us today to set up a free and confidential appointment where you’ll learn about all of your options from our caring and informed staff.

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