Who knew we would be faced with a season of such uncertainty in 2020? #wereallinthistogether2020 will be in our memory for decades! We’ll talk about “social distancing” and what we did in “quarantine” at reunions and tell the tale to our children when they complain. Even though life-as-normal ceases for a time, “life” still happens and there are still choices to be made about our future even when we don’t exactly know what our immediate future looks like. #weareallinthistogether sounds great but when you are faced with a life changing situation it can feel like you are all alone. An unplanned pregnancy can feel lonely and “quara” doesn’t help! If you are thinking you may be pregnant don’t feel for an instant you are all alone, because you are not. Breathe…. don’t panic.

But what about bringing a baby into the world when this world seems upside down right now? Women throughout the ages have faced many situational, cultural, and economic challenges and have succeeded in spite of these road blocks, I might even add they’ve overcome and flourished! Don’t be in a hurry to solve a situation that may not even be all you think, just because you missed a period.

IF you find you are pregnant just remember, you can do this! And there are people willing to help, like Life Services, where we help you to own your journey with knowledge and power!

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